Welcome to our 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2023

▎Introduction ▎

Whether you are a RYT-200 student who has graduated or a yoga practitioner with certain experience, if you encounter bottlenecks in the journey of yoga practice, or feel that the basic skills are not solid enough (especially the part of muscle strength and stability), but it is very important to be able to see your own progress in yoga practice. Whether you want to make your body more flexible or want to improve the current problems more precisely, you may wish to take this opportunity to discuss with yourself the important skills of how to break through obstacles in asana practice, and deeply feel and improve each pose. The exercise and growth brought by you will establish a solid foundation for your own yoga practice and face the challenges of difficult formulas.

The course adopts a systematic training and teaching skills for intermediate and advanced yoga poses, in-depth covering different areas such as standing, balance, sitting, twisting, back-bending, arm-balance and Inversion from. With auxiliary yoga tools, students will learn all the asanas in these 10 weeks intensive face-to-face core lessons.

▎Highlight ▎

・In-depth study about Indus Valley Civilisation including the development and revolution etc


・In-depth study anatomy and biomechanics

・42 Intermediate and 40 Advanced Asanas

・Advanced asanas postures adjustments, class plan

▎Hours allocation ▎

Prerequisite : RYS 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

Part A Group Class Practice (70hours)

Part B Online Theory ( Yoga History, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology) - (50hours)

Part C Core Courses - Human Biomechanics, Intermediate and Advanced Formulas (100 hours)

Part D Intensive Practice with Chris ( 40hours)

Part E Exam ( 8 hours)

Part F Practicum ( 10 hours)

Part G Homework ( 22 hours)

Part A – G = 300hours training

▎Course outline ▎

Chapter 1- Yoga History

  • In-depth study about Indus Valley Civilisation including the development and revolution etc
  • Analyze the rise of ancient yoga cultures, the period of development and decline

Chapter 2-Yoga Philosophy 

  • in-depth study of the Development of Classical Yoga Texts & Categories 
  • In-depth discussing of Patanjali's "Yoga Sutras"
  • Learn how to apply the principles of yoga philosophy such as "Ahimsa" in daily life, understand its philosophy and yoga concepts

Capter3 - Anatomy

  • Discuss muscular systems, physiological systems, human biomechanics, postural dislocations 
  • Analyze the relationship between human anatomy and yoga poses

Chapter 4-Intermediate and advanced asanas (including standing, backbend, arm-balancing, inversion)

  • 42 intermediate asanas 
  • 40 advanced asanas
  • Adjustments in Yoga Poses
  • Usage of yoga tools in Yoga Asana Practice/Teaching

Chapter 5- Teaching technique

  • Teaching methodology 
  • Class planning for intermediate and advanced class

▎Lead Teacher ▎

  Lead trainer Chris Poon 

 E-RYT 200, RYT200, 500  Lead Trainer 
  • Yoga Alliance E- RYT500 hours Yoga Instructor
  • Over 20 years of training experience
  • Indra Yoga Institute-Yoga Alliance 300hr, Trauma
  • Australia Fitness for Trainer and Professionals
  • Stotts Mat Pilates Instructor
  • Restorative Yoga Certification
  • ITEC, Online Anatomy & Physiology Certification
  • Studied Mind-Body Healing, Hatha Yoga, Ancient Indian Medicine

▎Target ▎

  • Students who have graduated from the RYT200 hour will receive the RYT500 yoga instructor qualification after completing 300 hours.
  • Students who have not completed the RYT200 qualification has to take RYT200 hour yoga training course of our center first.

▎Date & Time ▎

▲ YTT500 01 500hours teacher training course ( Recruiting)

Core Course date:

  •  2024年3月5日至 2024年5月8日
  •  10 個星期二 07:15-14:15;星期三 07:15-17:15

Intensive Practice date:

  • 2024年3月5日至 2024年7月16日 ;
  • 20 Tuesdays 07:15- 0915 07:15-09:15

考試:2024年5月15日 07:15-15:15

No. of students : 10 ppl

Language : Cantonese

地點: 炮台山木星街9號永昇中心28樓 03-05室  (炮台山地鐵站A出口過馬路後左轉步行5分鐘)